presenting "REDACTED"

REDACTED asked our artists to explore the implications of censorship, and was held on December 7th, 2013 at the Tian Jin Temple in Burnaby.

Photographs of the evening brought to you by the wonderful Sandy Wang.

more about REDACTED

With the theme of censorship in mind, we chose Evidence for Democracy and their Science: Uncensored campaign as our beneficiary. We were thrilled to partner with E4D, an organization that recognizes the need for government scientists to to communicate freely and share critical information with the public.

Thanks to the support of our generous venue sponsor, the Tian Jin Temple, we pulled off another exciting event, gallery-style. Audiences flowed through the temple space to revel in pieces that explored the concept of censorship artistically: spoken word about repressive socio-political situations, a performative shredding experience, electro-acoustic music with Wiki-Leaks samples, and biographical photography were all in the mix. Our artists helped expose new ways of thinking about this important topic!

the beneficiary

Evidence for Democracy's Science: Uncensored campaign
Connecting our beneficiary and the theme with our artists was important to us, so in the month prior to the event we held our second-ever artist workshop. The artists of REDACTED got to meet and hear from E4D representatives Pamela Zevit and Lu Zhao, and engaged in dialogue and under-the-gun artmaking to get their art-for-social change ideas flowing. Fun was had, and most importantly everyone was excited to support a great cause and to take some new tools back to their artistic process!

the outcome

Thank you to all who joined us for a great evening, helping us raise $1342.50 for Evidence for Democracy/Science Uncensored

the artists

the volunteer team

Special thanks to everyone who made this event, and AFI itself, possible- there are a lot of you. We'd also like to acknowledge the generosity of our dedicated volunteers for this event!

our awesome supporters

As per usual, a huge thanks goes to the supporters of our endeavours: