presenting "Eye to I"

Art for Impact took a "leap" forward in hosting our first multi-evening event, "Eye to I" at the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre to explore how placing oneself in another's circumstance betters our understanding ourselves, and each other.

Photos available below taken by our talented photographers of the eve: Andy Oei and George Huang.

more about 'eye to i'

Made possible with the generous support of Moberly, "Eye to I" raised awareness and funds for LEAP (Learning for the Empowerment and Advancement of Palestinians), which provides education for refugee youth in Lebanon.

As part of our partnership with Moberly, Art for Impact taught its first-ever workshops to kids in the Creative Remix Camp. This pilot project was a blast for us to teach and was very well-recieved, engaging the kids in artistic collaboration through the mediums of dance, theatre and music.

"Eye to I" saw a wonderful and diverse group of artists take to the stage, creating works surrounding the evening's theme, all in completely different ways. Pieces ranged from lighthearted stories about identity, to powerful explorations of mental illness, to exciting and unusual stylistic collaborations.

Art for Impact took pride in surprising our audience with fabulous baked goods, gorgeous handmade desserts, and beverages, as well as a raffle draw made possible by our fabulous sponsors.

the beneficiary

LEAP (Lebanon)
LEAP is an educational enrichment program dedicated to nurturing the intellectual growth and creative curiosity of Palestinian refugee-youth in Lebanon so they may become agents of change.

the outcome

We're grateful to have had a team of talented and dedicated volunteers, who ensured the success of the event and helped us raise $1646.16 for LEAP!

the artists

our awesome supporters

As per usual, a huge thanks goes to the supporters of our endeavours: