presenting "OU(X)PO"

Ou(x)po was a grand and ambitious evening exploring the possibilities found within creative constraints, and was held on December 8th, 2012 at the Russian Hall in east Vancouver.

Photos from our photographer of the eve: Yvonne Chew

more about ou(x)po

Drawing its inspiration from Instruments of Change and their Women Rock! program, the beneficiary of choice this time around, the artists of Ou(x)po explored the possibilities found within creative constraints.

20 interdisciplinary works quite literally filled the venue, inhabiting spaces as unusual as a closet room, a stairwell, and every other nook and cranny that could be managed! As a choose-your-own adventure show, audiences delighted in discovering where to go next- to see a world of shadows in a mysterious studio, a cellist in a dark piano room, or an outrageous clown duo upstairs?

Local band Miss You in Tuques headlined the afterparty, sending our guests out on a high.

the beneficiary

Instruments of Change/Women Rock!
Led by co-founders Laura Barron and Leah Abramson, Women Rock! is a music program that takes place in BC prisons, where participants learn to play rock instruments, form bands, manage gear and write songs.

the outcome

At the end of it all, AFI was pleased to raise $1728.53 for Instruments of Change. We look forward to the next one!

the artists

our awesome supporters

As per usual, a huge thanks goes to the supporters of our endeavours: